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Thank you to all our participants and fans.  

Thank you to all our sponsors.

The date for 2018 is August 3, 4, 5

Super Duty Promotions Ltd is the promoter and owner of the  Ames Performance Tri Power Pontiac Nationals.  Super Duty Promotions Ltd P O Box 299 Willard OH 44890-0299 Phone (567) 227-9011 Office hours: 9am - 8pm     (unless we’re at the races)

August 8, 2017

We are headed to Indianapolis for an NHRA Division 3 race to work until Sunday.  When we get home next week, the judging forms will be scanned and we will start emailing them out.

The trophy mailing service will be available starting in October, when we are done with our racing work.   

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