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1A Auto Parts  “Chief of the Pontiacs” Final Bracket winners runoff  $500 to the winner    $250 to the runner-up The “Chief” will receive a custom leather jacket at the next year’s event

Weekend Drag Race Entry   $70.00    
Car & Driver        1 Vehicle Pit Access Pass    Test & Tune Friday     
Bracket class race Saturday & Sunday    Ames Performance Hospitality for 2

     Additional pit access passes are available for an additional fee
     Vehicle must fit in your pit space        Free parking is available in the spectator lot.

KRE Quick 16 Bracket Classes

AllPontiac.com Super Pro 0-11.99

Win $850, Runner Up $400, Semi $125, Qtr $75

Delay boxes are allowed, throttle stops & air throttles only as a Starting line launch control & NOT as “Down track” throttle stops, NO stutter / sputter boxes,
NO real-time data computers.

Super Duty Promotions Pro 0-14.99

Win $850, Runner Up $400, Semi $125, Qtr $75,
8ths $50, 16ths $30
No delay boxes, No throttle stops & air throttles, No electronics: Electronics rule will defer to NHRA rules - Transbrakes, 2-steps & air shifters is allowed,
a high side chip on stick shift cars is allowed.

A Fixed mechanical throttle stop, that cannot be adjusted or overridden, while the car is in motion, is allowed in all classes except Street.

Tin Indian Performance Street   Open dial-in

Win $500, Runner Up $250, Semi $100, Qtr $50

DOT legal tires, closed exhaust

Kauffman Racing Quick 16

Butler Performance Frantic Four

Kauffman Performance  MR-1 Heads Up

Linder’s Lot opens at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday

Rigs will be given a number when they pull in to the lot

Thursday afternoon at 3:30 pm
we will begin selling the racer’s weekend credentials & move them into the pits.

Linder’s Lot will re-open at 8:00 pm Thursday evening for racer’s arriving after 8:00 pm.
No rigs in the pits after 8:00 pm
Friday morning we will empty Linder’s Lot again.
No race credentials will be sold at the pit gate until Linder’s Lot is empty on Friday.

NOTE If we have a weather situation & Linder’s Lot is closed -  Go to the pit gate on Route 601.

Gates open 8:00 am Friday

Test & Tune Friday   Time Trials start at 10:00 am     Time trials are called by class and we use a punch card.

1 Qualifying round for the Butler Performance Frantic Four and the Kauffman Performance MR-1 Heads-up Class

We will offer two Bonus Races with Guaranteed pay-outs!!  Entry is $20.00 for either race.

 Show your run card at Guest Services to buy the Bonus race entry card.

Vintage Mechanical Works Box Race Win $500  Runner-up $250   Semi $100  Qtr $50 Ram Air Restoration No Box Race Win $500  Runner-up $250  Semi $100  Qtr $50 Special Race Classes Order Tickets