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Golf Cart Rentals will be provided by Dornan’s Sales & Service

Phone:(419) 912-4028      Email:  dornans@ymail.com
Hours: Monday to Friday  8:00 am to 5:00 pm

CALL OR EMAIL EARLY - Limited availability, order by July 1st

2 passenger $189 + tax     4 passenger $229 + tax
All reservations will be for a 3 day cart rental, paid in advance with a credit card.  
Cart availability at the event cannot be guaranteed.

Refund policy:  7 days before the event, Dornan’s will refund your reservation if you cannot make the event. Any refund request received after July 25th will be decided on a case by case basis.     
Dornan’s Sales & Service, 23 North Main St, Attica, OH  44807

A this event Summit Motorsports Park allows spectators to bring in their own golf cart or scooter.  

Please contract the track at (419) 668-5555 for complete information.  

The following rules need to be followed by everyone operating a vehicle at the event.

All wheeled vehicles must be operated by a licensed driver.

This includes golf carts, ATVs, mini bikes, bicycles, scooters, skateboards, etc.

Kids riding bicycles or driving golf carts will be asked to go back to your pit space, swap space, or car show space.  If we see them again then the vehicle will be confiscated.

No wheeled vehicles should be in the Vendor midway, Car Show, or Swap Meet without permission from Super Duty Promotions.

Arrangements can be made to move heavy parts at the Swap Meet sign-up tent.

Non-participant vehicles should not be parked in the Swap Meet or on the Car Show field.

Handicapped plaques will be honored at the gate for golf carts or other wheeled vehicles so they can be driven inside the facility

Personal mobility carts operated by the handicapped individual are allowed.

Handicapped parking will be located in Wilson’s Lot.

Anyone camping on the spectator side of the track will be allowed to have a small wheeled vehicle for personal use.

 One hour after racing is completed, all vehicles need to be parked.

Racers are allowed to have these vehicles in the pits.