2018 Ames Performance Tri Power Pontiac Nationals Car Show Results

Ames Performance Best In Class

Editor's Choice Awards Poncho Perfection Magazine
Don Keefe
Smoke Signals
Tim Dye
Mike Strong
Dubuque, IA
1966 2 + 2
Scott Marshall
Memphis, TN
1958 Bonneville
Long Distance Awards Brandon Klemm
San Diego, CA
1962 Star Chief
Craig Moseley
Frankford, Germany
1963 LeMans Convertible
We awarded 2 long distance trophies this year.
Brandon is in the Marines and could not attend the event.  He shipped his car from San Diego to his Dad because he wanted the car to be at the event.

Craig flew in from Germany to show his Dad's '63 LeMans which has been in the family since new.

P-0 Pontiac Pre War 1926 - 1942
1st Wade Cleffman  Lapeer, MI  1940 Deluxe 4 door
2nd Mark & Irene Aigler  Wakeman, OH  1936 coupe

P-1 Pontiac Post War 1946 - 1954
1st Joe Wheat  Sewickley, PA  1953 Chieftain Wagon
2nd Ralph Hamilton  Belmont, OH  1954 Catalina 2 door coupe
3rd  Peter Thorwall  Allendale, MI  1953 Chieftain Deluxe

P-3 Pontiac 1961 - 1965
1st Skip Blowers  North Canton, OH  1961 Ventura
2nd Darrell Wheeler  Covington, VA  1962 Catalina 2 door hardtop
3rd Rodney Schwieterman  Troy, OH  1964 2+2 2 door hardtop

P-4 Pontiac 1966 - 1970
1st Paul Alexander  Marion, OH  1966 2 + 2
2nd Mike Strong  Dubuque, IA  1966 2 + 2  2 door hardtop
3rd Michael Sypien  Brookfield, IL  1966 Catalina 2 door

P-5 Pontiac 1971 - 1986
1st T.J. Spencer  North Royalton, OH  1971 Catalina Convertible
2nd Julie Drummond  Martin, OH  1973 Bonneville 4 door sedan

P-6 Pontiac 1987 - End    Split 2 ways
P-6A  Split Pontiac 1987 - 2005
1st Ken Kershner  Canton, OH  2001 Bonneville 4 door
2nd Ron Charles  Sylvania, OH  2003 Bonneville SSEI
3rd Gary Dodrill  LaGrange, OH  2005 Bonneville GXP

P-6B Split Pontiac 2006 - End
1st Ryan Wiedle  Bellevue, OH  2009 G8 GXP Sedan
2nd Brian Ray  Cabot, AR  2009 G8 GXP
3rd Joe Rebo  Summerfield, NC  2009 G8 GT

GP-1 Grand Prix 1962 - 1968
1st Mike Guiliano  Lakewood, OH  1963 Grand Prix 2 door
2nd Brad Mann  Pike, NY  1968 Grand Prix 2 door hardtop

GP-2 Grand Prix 1969 - 1972 incl Hurst SSJ
1st Ron Platsko  Leamington, ONT  1969 Grand Prix Model J
2nd David Risner  Mansfield, OH  1969 Grand Prix SJ
3rd Greg Call  White Lake, MI  1970 Grand Prix SJ 455

GP-3 Grand Prix 1973 - 1977 incl 50th Anniversary
1st Mark Pfeiffer  Ravenna, OH  1973 Grand Prix SJ
2nd Gale McClure  Spencerville, OH  1974 Grand Prix
3rd Mark Grandon  Alliance, OH  1975 Grand Prix

GP-4 Grand Prix 1978 - 1987 incl 2+2
1st Tammy Grandon  Alliance, OH  1987 Grand Prix

GP-5 Grand Prix 1988 - 1996 incl STE, GTP, Pace cars
1st Kenneth Nagy  Wake Forest, NC  1992 Grand Prix Petty Edition

GP-6 Grand Prix 1997 - End incl STE, GTP, Pace cars
1st John Hilson  Pittsburgh, PA  2002 Grand Prix 40th Anniversary
2nd Robert Charney  Kittanning, PA  2002 Grand Prix GTP 4 door coupe
3rd Patrick & Amanda Strittmatter  Indiana, PA  2004 Grand Prix Special Edition

GT-1 GTO 1964 - 1965
1st Dan Yacovella  Medina, OH  1965 GTO
2nd Ellen Slabaugh  Milford, IN  1965 GTO
3rd Keith Carter  Lebanon, OH  1965 GTO hardtop

GT-2 GTO 1966 - 1967
1st Camdyn Siefker  Pandora, OH  1967 GTO
2nd Larry Crookshanks  Concord Township, OH  1967 GTO hardtop
3rd Steve Hedrick  Imperial, MO  1967 GTO Sport coupe

GT-3 GTO 1968 - 1970  Split 2 ways
GT-3A Split GTO 1968
1st John Zerucha  Hinckley, OH  1968 Ram Air II Convertible
2nd Max Treier  Cambridge, OH  1968 GTO coupe
3rd Kerry Klotzman  Highland Heights, OH  1968 GTO

GT-3B Split GTO 1969 - 1970
1st Doug Kleinhenz  Litchfield, OH  1970 GTO coupe
2nd Mike Kelley  Mansfield, OH  1969 GTO Convertible
3rd Casey Kelley  Hilliard, OH  1969 GTO hardtop

GT-4 GTO 1971 - 1974
1st Mike Wortman  Blairsville, PA  1972 GTO hardtop
2nd Alan Leiby  Wellington, OH  1972 GTO coupe
3rd Peter Trihas  North Ridgeville, OH  1971 GTO hardtop

GT-5 GTO 2004 - 2006
1st Dean House  Leroy, OH  2006 GTO 2 door coupe
2nd Marcus Hooley  North Ridgeville, OH  2004 GTO coupe
3rd Scott Brown  Stokesdale, NC  2006 GTO

JD  GTO Judge All
1st Robert Schneider  Fairfax, VA  1969 GTO Judge 2 door hardtop
2nd Jack Scott  Orwell, OH  1969 GTO Judge Convertible
3rd Manny Mathiellis  North Ridgeville, OH  1969 GTO Judge

FB-1 Firebird 1967 - 1969
1st Steve Johns  Seaforth, ONT  1969 Firebird Convertible
2nd David Goebel  Medina, OH  1967 Firebird Convertible
3rd Sam Patterson  North Lawrence, OH  1968 Firebird Convertible

FB-2 Firebird 1970 1/2 - 1981 incl Formula
1st George Berg  White Plains, MD  1973 Firebird Formula
2nd Alana Lienti  Shillington, PA  1976 Firebird Esprit coupe

FB-3 Firebird 1982 - 1992 incl Formula
1st Kim Albertson  Canton, OH  1989 Formula 350
2nd Keith Sorgen  Monroeville, IN  1986 Firebird

FB-4 Firebird 1993 - 2002 incl Formula
1st Nathan & Kristen Call  Troy, OH  2002 Firebird Formula

TA-1 Trans Am 1969 - 1974
1st Mark Levin  Waukegan, IL  1969 Trans Am
2nd Rick Vanlerberghe  Chesterfield, MI  1974 Trans Am
3rd William Hartge  Somerset, PA  1970 Trans Am

TA-2 Trans Am  1975 - 1981
1st Janice D’ Egidio  North Olmsted, OH  1975 Trans Am
2nd David Montgomery  Brunswick, OH  1976 Trans Am
3rd George Berg  White Plains, MD  1978 Trans Am

TA-3 Trans Am  1982 - 1992
1st Mike Tarescavage  Broadview Heights, OH  1989 Trans Am
2nd Tom & Lisa Holovack  Lima, OH  1984 Trans Am

TA-4 Trans Am 1993 - 2002 incl GTA
1st Thomas Maher  Toledo, OH  1997 Trans Am
2nd Mark Friedel  Berea, OH  1994 Trans Am
3rd Gary Scholler  Butler, OH  1994 Trans Am T-top

Firehawk Split
FH-A Split Firehawk through 1995
1st Brian Niemann  Jeffersonville, IN  1995 Firehawk Convertible
2nd Kelvin Koch  Monroe, OH  1995 Firehawk
3rd Russ Heiberger  Ridgway, PA  1995 Firehawk

FH-B Split Firehawk 1996 - 2002
1st Pete Trihas  North Ridgeville, OH  2002 Firehawk
2nd Lorne Linkes  League City, TX  2002 Firehawk
3rd Fred Waltenburg  Fort Wayne, IN  2000 Firehawk

CTA  Comp T/A All
1st Kevin Shar  Canfield, OH  1996 Comp T/A

F-1 Fiero Coupe/SE
1st Eric Kubb  Holiday, FL  1988 Fiero Formula
2nd Josh May  Canton, OH  1984 Fiero SE 2M4

F-2 Fiero GT
1st Randy Leiby  Wellington, OH  1987 Fiero GT
2nd Jim Semon II   Sandusky, OH 1986 Fiero GT coupe
3rd Stanley Smith II  Akron, OH  1985 Fiero GT

GA-1 Grand Am 1973 - 1980 RWD
1st Mike Richards  Brownsburg, IN  1973 Grand Am coupe

GA-2 Grand Am 1985 - 1992 FWD
1st Jerry Bish  Pemberville, OH  1989 Grand Am sedan

CP Astra, Sunbird, Phoenix (FWD), T-1000, J-2000, 6000, LeMans after '81, Sunfire, G5, G3
1st Jimmie Nastek  Hagerstown, MD  G5 2 door

SP Tempest/LeMans 1961 - 1981 incl Can Am, Beaumont   Split 3 ways
SP-A Split Tempest / LeMans 1961 - 1963
1st Herman Ruple  Orion, MI  1963 LeMans Convertible
2nd Ken Galdes  Brighton, MI  1963 LeMans coupe
3rd Jack Day  Chelmsford, MA  1962 Tempest 2 door Convertible

SP-B Split Tempest / LeMans 1964 - 1967
1st Larry Adams  Hermitage, PA  1967 LeMans 2 door hardtop
2nd Fred Simmonds  Wixom, MI  1967 Tempest 4 door sedan
3rd Robert Berry  Powell, OH  1965 Tempest Custom Convertible

SP-C Split Tempest / LeMans / Can Am 1968 - 1977
1st Pete Rust  Bethel Park, PA  1977 Can Am coupe
2nd Russ Laird  Hermitage, PA  1969 Custom S Convertible
3rd Jack Scott  Roaming Shores, OH  1969 LeMans

RC Race car, any Pontiac bodied competition car
1st Brian Hinton  Grove City, OH  1966 GTO hardtop
2nd Jim Pollina  Bloomingburg, NY  1964 GTO
3rd Marc Gross  Bellevue, OH  1978 Grand Am

SOL  Solstice All
1st Kane & Tamara Morrow  Slater, MO  2008 Solstice GXP Convertible
2nd Annette Slusser  Beavercreek, OH  2008 Solstice GXP Convertible

GM-1 GMC All thru 1972
1st Jim Semon III   Sandusky, OH  1959 DF860 Semi Tractor

GM-2 GMC All 1973 to Current
1st Robin French & Lisa Johnson  Martinsburg, WV  2016 GMC Sierra 3500
2nd Dorman Scott  Aliquippa, PA  2012 Terrain 4 door


ST-1 Street Full Size Pontiacs
1st Mike badger  Ashland, OH  1955 Chieftain Wagon
2nd Kurt Beiswenger  Lorain, OH  1963 Catalina 2 door hardtop
3rd David Herr  Rockford, MI  1960 Ventura 2 door

ST-2 Street GTO/Judge/Tempest / and LeMans thru 1981  Split 6 Ways
ST-2A Split Street Tempest/LeMans/T-37/GT-37  1961 - 1967
1st Paul Rhodes  Sutherland, VA  1963 Tempest 2 door Sport coupe
2nd Jon & Rhonda Riem  Freeport, IL  1963 Tempest
3rd Steven McEnearney  Matawan, NJ  1965 Tempest Custom Wagon

ST-2B Split Street Tempest/LeMans/T-37/GT-37 1968 - 1981
1st Mike & Pam Ireton  Bucyrus, OH  1971 T-37 hardtop
2nd Joe Erickson  Edinburgh, IN  1970 LeMans hardtop

ST-2C Split Street GTO 1964 - 1965
1st Jess Girard & Michelle Mullins  Worthington, OH  1965 GTO hardtop
2nd Ron Corzo  Delaware, OH  1964 GTO hardtop
3rd Bob Adams  Tipp City, OH  1965 GTO Convertible

ST-2D Split Street GTO 1966 - 1967
1st Joe Barber  Freedom, PA  1967 GTO Convertible
2nd Douglas Sharpe  Martinsville, VA  1967 GTO Sports coupe
3rd Ron Badiu   Litchfield, OH  1967 GTO hardtop

ST-2E Split Street GTO 1968 - 1974
1st Barbara Marsai   Allen Park, MI  1969 GTO Convertible
2nd Dick Smart  Roanoke, IN  1968 GTO coupe
3rd Larry Baker  Granite, IL  1973 GTO

ST-2F Split Street GTO 2004 - 2006
1st Donnie Morrison  Canal Fulton, OH  2005 GTO coupe
2nd Tyler Behling  Oak Creek, WI  2005 GTO
3rd Will Gremling  Lima, OH  2005 GTO coupe

ST-3 Street Firebird / Trans Am    Split 3 ways
ST-3A Split Street Firebird/Trans Am 1st Generation
1st Dan Abrams  Freeport, OH  1968 Firebird hardtop
2nd Jim & Sue Courson  Emlenton, PA  1968 Firebird Convertible
3rd Ron Husk  Carrollton, OH  1968 Firebird coupe

ST-3B Split Street Firebird/Trans Am 2nd Generation 1970 - 1981
1st Jerry Brushaber  North Ridgeville OH  1976 Trans Am
2nd Rick Barnes  Newark, OH  1978 Trans Am
3rd Tim Fuller  Springville, NY  1981 Trans Am

ST-3C Split Street Firebird/Trans Am 3rd & 4th Generation
1st Terry Greenleaf  Cuyahoga Falls, OH  2000 Trans Am WS6
2nd Michael Leggio  Temperance, MI  2001 Trans Am
3rd George Petsus  North Ridgeville, OH  1994 Firebird Formula

ST-4 Street Grand Prix
1st Dennis Paul   Lakewood, OH  1962 Grand Prix
2nd Jim Hodgdon  Ridgway, PA  1969 Grand Prix
3rd Matthew Lavelle  Seven Hills, OH  2002 Grand Prix GTX 2 door coupe

ST-5 Street Pontiac Open includes all Grand Am
1st Scott Swisher  Clinton, OH  1985 Fiero 2M6 SE coupe
2nd Kyle Maffitt  Warren, OH  2000 Grand Am Coupe
3rd Lori Ressel  Appleton, NY  1973 Grand Am 2 door sedan

ST-6 Street GMC
1st Rick Patrick  Garrettsville, OH  1968 GMC 2500 pickup

C-1 Custom / Pro Touring Full Size Pontiac & Oakland
1st Chris Beierling   Wellsburg, NY  1931 Oakland

C-2 Custom / Pro Touring GTO / Judge / Tempest / LeMans to 1981
1st Mike Brown  Painesville, OH  1966 Tempest Convertible
2nd Dane & Ann Smith   Rio, WI  1963 LeMans hardtop

C-3 Custom / Pro Touring Firebird & Trans Am
1st Cindy Adams  Tipp City, OH  1969 Firebird 400 coupe
2nd Ron Gutzman  Strongsville, OH  1979 Trans Am
3rd Tim Osborne  Median, OH  1968 Firebird

PRO  Pro Street vehicles cars & trucks
1st Robert Staple  Pike, NY  1969 Trans Am 2 door hardtop
2nd Norman Berk  Toronto, ONT  1976 Firebird Formula 400

Full Size Fiero / GA / CP / SP
Grand Prix RC / SOL / GMC
GTO / Judge Street & Custom
Firebird / Trans Am / Firehawk / CTA
Full Size    Larry Kulick, Jr    Leechburg, PA  1949 Streamliner Deluxe 4 door

Grand Prix  John Stearns, Jr  Uniontown, OH  1965 Grand Prix hardtop

GTO/Judge  Bill Brunker  Sherills Ford, NC  1967 GTO coupe

Firebird/Trans Am  John Bonser  Chesterfield, MI  1973 Firebird Formula

Open  Bill Miller  Columbus, OH  1964 LeMans Convertible
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